Introducing Kilu Consulting

Kilu Consulting manages two main areas. Tropical Agronomy and sustainable garden systems – with involvement in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The second area is in software development – project management, monitoring and evaluation tools and an online library system that allows those with appropriate privileges to upload and download whole documents. These systems are all built on LAMP architecture (Linux, apache web servers, MySQL and php programming).

Kilu Consulting grew out of David and Virginia Askin’s involvement in Sharing God’s love in practical ways- firstly in Irian Jaya- now West Papua and subsequently in Papua New Guinea, with the urban ministry team. Our role included life skills for women in the prison of Lae (Virginia) and an agriculture project known as Sustainable Gardens and Village livestock. Considerable emphasis related to the development of rabbit farming as cash income, fertility building for kitchen gardens and high quality protein.

We are currently living in Hororata, Canterbury, New Zealand- loving the stage of life that includes grandchildren, orchard, livestock, tree/forest establishment/arboriculture and much more.

We have a presence at

Kilu- What does it mean? This is the Lani name for their primary fertility, firewood and timber species. We encouraged the local folk to plant over 500,000 of these in the early 1990’s as part of a sustainable land use project sponsored by AusAID.

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