Hororata Domain

Click here to view spreadsheet – Hororata Domain 2009 oak chestnut pine planting

This is a long term planting of oak, Pinus pinea and Wattle- Acacia dealbata- yet to be planted.

The Hororata Domain 2009 Hardwood and Pine on Thwaites Road will allow visitors to make sense of what has been done.
24 Aug 2009 much appreciated 30 or so mm of rain fell over last couple of weeks. No buds out on oaks yet. Sprayed today with roundup to control weeds- Thanks to Mike Davies.
27 Aug 2009 200 Pinus pinea planted, courtesy Mike Davies and – gardoprim applied within two weeks of planting.
Conditions still moist, but we can do with rain. Selwyn river dry at Selwyn bridge on Bealey road today- 11 Sep 2009.
Rain is becoming a real necessity after a wonderful spring for lambing and calving etc.

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